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help editor

Beitrag von Portugal » Fr 28. Jun 2019, 14:22

i've seen people being able to make this on their maps..can you help me?
how do i setup a trade with the AI that will give the player mercenaries?
Where can i find in the Editor that flaming circle that allows the player to share the troops?

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Re: help editor

Beitrag von Tommy » So 30. Jun 2019, 19:36

The AI's a normal player. With this player you can trade in exactly 1 trading house.

I don't know a flaming circle in which you can share troops. You would have to describe this a little more. Please tell us the title of this map.

Greetings Tommy
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Re: help editor

Beitrag von SaCoMa » Do 4. Jul 2019, 20:56

Hello, Portugal,

I think you want the other AI folks or players to recruit soldiers on their own.
You have to go to the player menu first; click on the "Ply" button. The Player menu will open and you can check the box of the respective player.
Next set a barracks for the alien people.
Now open the AI menu by clicking on the AI button. This menu will only be activated if the check mark in the Player menu has been set before.
Here you can now set the maximum number of soldiers to be recruited, in which time interval, when and where the soldiers will attack, etc. (See picture in the attachment).

kind regards,

SaCoMa :P
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