Publication of new maps

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Publication of new maps

Beitrag von Wicki » Mo 17. Aug 2015, 12:39

For the publication of new maps some rules must be followed:

:arrow: The map should have been played in the normal mode by the mapper and the map must be playable.

:arrow: A map which was constructed with the normal editor you have to export as *.c2m in the folder usermaps.

:arrow: Please send this file as compressed file (Zip or WinRar) to the tester.

:arrow: 2 tester of our community have to test the map before publication in our database. You can ask for testers in the thread "Wer möchte testen - Testersuche"

:arrow: Registration as member of our community is neccessary, so you can answer the questions the tester and player of your map have possibly.
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