Commands for and others

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Commands for and others

Beitrag von Ziomus93 » Fr 16. Dez 2016, 23:35

I'm starting creating maps for Cultures 4 and I'm the "fresh one" in that. :D
I'm looking for list of all commands in file or something like that.
I hope you discovered all these commands and you're experts in creating maps via .inc files.
I was looking on your forum for some kind of topics which could have a list of these commands or some tips about it. Well... my German is very bad. "Entschuldigung für das Problem" - That's all what can I say :D
So, if I wasn't looking in the right side of the forum - please, guide me to right topic. If you guys don't have any list here I can understand it, but I'll be glad if you have some. In fact, I know maybe around half of these commands, it's just like nothing in my opinion. And again - sorry for the problem, I hope you'll understand me.


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Re: Commands for and others

Beitrag von Tommy » Sa 17. Dez 2016, 13:57

Here are all documents for Cultures (in German).

Greets Tommy
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Re: Commands for and others

Beitrag von thschlumpf » Sa 17. Dez 2016, 16:21

Welcome, and you will find a lot of tips on this site, but you have to look hard, because we speak and write more german.

Feel free to ask!
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