Game files and other questions

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Game files and other questions

Beitrag von Virsitaris » Di 30. Mai 2017, 21:38

Greetings everyone,

I would like to know if anyone managed to decode the game files. Is there any possibility of altering the models/sprites? I've seen a FrankMod that changes a lot. It allows us to upgrade Frank buildings so we don't have to use the viking ones.

Also, I'm quite new to whole mapping and modding, but I'm trying to create a map with playable nations. One thing I can't figure is why the game doesn't recognise any other player than player 0.

For example:

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goal "CheckHumanJob" 1 "collector"
result "EnableHouse" 1 "Viking" "work farm 00" 
It works for Player 0, but any other option doesn't.
However, if we do something like:

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goal "CheckHumanJob" 0 "collector"
result "EnableHouse" 0 "Viking" "Work farm 00"
result "EnableHouse" 1 "Viking "Work farm 00"
Will have player's 0 collector unlock a farm for both 0 and 1...

We can also unlock all buildings right from the beginning, but there's no fun in that. Any solutions?


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Re: Game files and other questions

Beitrag von Wicki » Di 30. Mai 2017, 22:09

hi virsitaris,

first welcome to our community.

your questions contain many components of the internal editor, which is not a public editor.
You are not a registered user of this editor, so there can been no answer about that - sorry.

you can earn this editor by mapping two maps with a sensibly story (by the normal editor of the game) - language: german or english. These maps have to be tested successfully by members of this community. When they are published you can recieve this editor
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Re: Game files and other questions

Beitrag von Molt » Mi 31. Mai 2017, 03:44

All community documentation for the internal editor and a lot of maps made with it are public, as is my c2m converter... that should provide by far enough data to get started on mission scripting without the editor itself or any information tied to its license, so I don't see a problem answering these questions.

FWIW goals should work just as well on other player IDs (I know for a fact that they do in multiplayer maps), but note that your second code block contains a typo (missing "). While it's definitely possible to make such maps "by hand", it's still advisable to go through the process Wicki mentions to obtain the editor, if only for debugging purposes.

As for decoding: "the game files" is a very broad term, but I've managed to reverse engineer most of them or at least get a rough idea how they work. Models/Sprites are among the ones I've fully cracked.